About Our Coaches

Resident Coach Robyn

As the owner of Foxwood, Robyn has been boarding horses for 22 years and personally oversees the daily operation of all horse care, and barn management. Robyn implements all of the competitive and recreational lesson programming, in addition to coaching the Foxwood Show Teams.

She is a member of Ontario Equestrian and Equestrian Canada and is currently completing her coaching certification.

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Coach Denis

Denis has ridden professionally since 2014 and trains with top hunter coach Wayne McLellan.  He has shown successfully in the hunter ring in Ontario, Quebec and Florida.  Denis enjoys working with horses and their riders to develop a system encompassing grooming, good nutrition and riding training so they can reach their full potential.

Coach Carolyn

Carolyn has been a certified Equestrian Canada instructor since 2001. She recently completed Rookie Riders training which is a fundamental movement skills program. She is a coach mentor for the Coaching Association of Ontario and has mentored new equestrian coaches. Carolyn is constantly upgrading her skills in coaching and horsemanship. She obtained her certificate in Equine Business Management from the University of Guelph in 2017.

Coach Desiree

I love the art of horsemanship and horse riding. It's so much fun to work with young or new riders and pass on what this beautiful and challenging sport has to offer. I believe that you should practice what you teach, and over the years I've enjoyed learning from some incredible professionals across many disciplines.

Coach Paige

There are so many wonderful children that are beyond happy to be riding and spending time at Foxwood.  These enthusiastic kids and their families, the horses and ponies and the welcoming staff together all create the Foxwood family!

  • I have held Foxwood in highest regards for many years!

    Robyn is an incredible woman filled with passion and love for animal and humans fortunate to come in contact with her. I have held Foxwood in highest regards for many years due to her kind professionalism, the excellent and optimum horse welfare she teaches and practices, and her unending energy to teach, encourage, keep safe and support every student, as if they were the only one.

    Fantastic job Robyn through this time of uncertainty but always!

    - Wendy Eagle

    Rated 5 Stars
  • Foxwood is truly exceptional!

    Foxwood has been amazing with my daughter and she absolutely loves going to her lessons. She counts down the days until her next lesson. The instructors, staff and horses/ponies at Foxwood are truly exceptional!

    - Melissa Clark

    Rated 5 Stars
  • Foxwood is a positive & supportive environment...

    Foxwood is a positive and supportive environment for riders at every level and Robyn creates an environment which is inclusive and feels like a family. She ensures that the riders accomplishments are recognized and she is always arranging opportunities for the riders to continue to develop along with their pony/horse. As a parent of 2 Foxwood show team riders, I appreciate the instruction, along with the encouragement and patience given by coaches, Robyn and Janet to build confidence, in both my riders and our ponies.

    Robyn is exceptionally in tune with the health and care needs of our ponies and ensures that they receive the best nutrition and care that they deserve. We are happy to be a part of the Foxwood Family

    - Kailee Rodgers

    Rated 5 Stars
  • I would highly recommend foxwood farms. we have now found a forever home for our horses and a forever coach for our girls...

    This is our third barn after my girls starting riding about 10 years ago. Robyn's Show Team is a very talented wonderful group of girls. They all support each other and truly care for their horses. Robyn's coaching has been thoughtful and very supportive . She takes into consideration the horse and the rider.

    My girls have learned a lot and their abilities as riders has flourished. We are looking forward to the show season and being with the team this summer. Pastures are beautiful , cross country course and trails are there to enjoy.

    I am grateful to be part of the Foxwood family!

    - Jody Hales

    Rated 5 Stars
  • Since returning to spring lessons, it has been a joy to to witness the lightness in my daughter's face, and the bounce in her step, return...

    I wish to personally thank Foxwood Farm owner, Robyn Freer, and her entire Foxwood team for all they have done to make a return to the barn possible during this time of COVID-19 pandemic. With strong attention and adherence to best practice protocols, Foxwood Farm has successfully transitioned to this 'new normal.'

    Our daughter so enjoys the opportunity to ride her beloved favourites, George and Gracie, and finds the wait for next week's lesson something to look forward to and keep her going. I too find myself contented by the infection prevention and control measures Foxwood has put in place, and so appreciate all their efforts and energy to make this a success for everyone.

    With much appreciation!

    - Michelle Colangelo

    Rated 5 Stars
  • Above all, the spirit of camaraderie and level of sportsmanship amongst these riders is what I love the most about Foxwood...

    Having ridden with a great coach for many years, I wanted the same for my daughter. I feel very fortunate to have found that with Robyn. Robyn doesn’t just teach kids to ride, she shares her love and knowledge of horses with them.

    This is a gift that they will treasure forever.

    - Lani Mackay

    Rated 5 Stars